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Letter to Mayor Matson and City Council

Davenport, IA

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To Mayor Matson and City Council members,

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a resident of Davenport. I am writing to urge that the city divest from the systems of policing and incarceration, and instead invest in life affirming, sustainable, and self-determined community resources.

The city of Davenport's total general fund operating budget for FY21 is $49,435,595 with 38.9% of that being for the police department. Even more alarming, less than 1% ($344,703) of this budget is allocated for the Civil Rights Department and 1.3% ($642,246) towards Community & Economic Development [1]. The percentage of the Davenport general fund expenditures allocated towards the Davenport Police Department is higher than what Cedar Rapids [2], Iowa City [3], and West Des Moines [4] have allocated towards their respective police departments for FY21. These other cities also allocate more money to neighborhood/community development: Iowa City 8.5% [3], West Des Moines 2.14% [4], and Des Moines 5% [5], though these are still far from ideal.

I urge the City Council to reduce the Davenport Police Department budget to allow for additional funding for the Civil Rights and Community & Economic Development Departments, as well as more effective social programs and services for mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, and youth diversion. Resources should be allocated to EMTs, social workers, and other social service providers to respond to the majority of current police business, including health and wellness checks, domestic/sexual violence situations, and basic bureaucratic documentation around break-ins, vandalism, wrecks, etc. Please do the right thing. Prioritize the health, safety and well-being of Davenport residents.


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