Email and mail government officials and council members to reallocate egregious police budgets towards education, social services, and dismantling racial injustice.

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Letter to Mayor and City Councilmembers

Johns Creek, GA

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Dear Mayor Bodker and members of the Johns Creek City Council,

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a resident of [NEIGHBORHOOD/CITY/BOROUGH]. I am emailing to demand the resignation of JCPD Chief of Police Chris Byers as well as redistribution of city funds away from the police and towards community-oriented programs.

Recent events [1] have indicated that the Johns Creek Police Chief Chris Byers shows no respect towards the Black community in Johns Creek and has no demonstrable knowledge of or respect towards the Black Lives Matter movement. His position within the JCPD is one of power and influence, and the clearly racist and uninformed ideas that he has expressed are angering and concerning. His lack of empathy and understanding on behalf of the Black community is not only personal but also reflects on the JCPD as an institution.

Furthermore, this is a request to redirect city funds allocated to the police department, towards underfunded departments such as Community Development and Parks and Recreation. JCPD was granted a budget of roughly $12 million in the 2020 Fiscal Year which surpasses the combined budget of Parks and Recreation, Community Development, and Public Works [2]. Additionally, The JCPD currently has 88 full-time employees whereas Parks and Recreation, Community Development, and Public Works have a total of 17. This allocation of funding and personnel to a historically anti-Black institution negatively reflects the values of the City of Johns Creek as more concerned with the policing of Black people than investment in community-led initiatives that have been proven to reduce crime. I also urge the City Council to enact legislation that holds police accountable and to overturn policies that allow police to engage in unlawful behavior with impunity, but above all defunding is the most necessary and direct path to ensure the safety of Johns Creek’s residents.

The statement released regarding both the actions of Chris Byers and the β€œvital role” of the JCPD lead me to believe that you are not committed to Black lives in our community [1]. The careful review that you have promised has fallen significantly short of the request that is being made and again demonstrates a lack of empathy and humanity. The words of Chris Byers are indeed far-reaching, and they have not fallen on deaf ears. I ask that you deeply consider the implications of allowing Chris Byers to retain his position and the impression made by your unwillingness to publicly condemn the man speaking these hateful words.

Furthermore, defunding the police is a legitimate and necessary means to ensure the safety of all of Johns Creek’s residents. The JCPD has a history of disproportionately policing Black and Brown residents and using excessive force in cases where crisis workers with mental health training would be far more effective, to which I am sure the family of Shukri Ali Said can attest. Defunding the police necessarily means allocating money and resources towards crisis responders and medics. It means creating jobs, investing in education, and promoting mental health resources, all of which are proven to promote community safety. These are the actions that will result in a healthier, more just community. I implore you to please listen to the needs of your constituents and take immediate action to address these concerns.

Thank you,


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